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Here are a couple of hints to get you started.  After the A's I'm not going to post any more hints here, but help still exists!  Just check out the forums.

1.  Pretty self explanatory actually.  What is the first digit of Pi?
2.  Hmm...what could the title mean?  A hint below says something about greek, maybe figure out what greek letter is in quotations.
3.  Hey, the first two lines rhyme!  Maybe you should google it, to see what it is rhyming about.
4.  No numbers here?  But they're all numbers!  Well, if they're not supposed to be numbers, then what should they be?
1.  A rag man.  What's "A rag man?"  Once you figure out what the 's are, it should be pretty obvious what "A rag man" is.
2.  Turn me right side up?  well, if you want to get an answer between 1 and 50, I would definitely suggest you do that!
3.  Follow the arrows.  not as catchy as follow the yellow brick road, but you might as well do it anyways. 
4.  What's a double entendre again?  For all of you who don't know french, it's something that could mean two different things.  Pretty much the basis for every sexual inuendo ever made, actually.
1.  Turn me on dead man!  I'm not really into necrophilia, but maybe google is.
2.  H2G2...I think it's a secret code for necrophiliacs.  Oh my god, everyone is a necrophiliac these days!!!  Run!!!
3.  What doesn't belong here?  I don't think that you belong here.  Maybe try to take yourself out of the riddle?  If that doesn't work, figure out which number shouldn't be there.  So unless you're a number, you've already gone off track enough.
4.  Sometimes it isn't what you're saying that's important, but how you say it.  Know what I mean?
You're on your own here, but if you need additional help, check out the forums!  Also, if you need more help of the A's, the forum can help as well.

Why are you looking here?  The riddle hints are over there!!!  *points up*

So far, no one has solved the Zpi riddle either.  Hmm...what could that be?