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The answer to each level is a number.  For the A’s and B’s, the answer to each riddle will be a number between 1 and 50  (don't worry, 32.3 won't be an answer, the answer will always be a natural number).  For the C’s and higher, the answer will be a number between 1 and 1000.  Each page has four riddles, you get the answer to the level by multiplying the four answers you get.  When you get the answer, you put it in the url like so:  https://fsg2k4u.tripod.com/ANSWER

Unlike most riddles, there are no pictures in this riddle.  All answers can be obtained directly from this riddle or with some research on Google.

Each riddle has a title and some hints below it.  There are no other hints for the levels or this site.  Riddles are seperated by either a dotted line or ***

The riddle starts easy, and gets harder progressively.  The A’s are easier than the B’s, and A1 is easier than A2.  This riddle does not require a strong ability to be able to do math (there aren't that many math levels), but it definately helps.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE:  HAVE FUN!!!  That’s the point of online riddles, to have fun while (hopefully) learning something.

 Go to https://fsg2k4u.tripod.com/ to start the riddle!

So far, no one has solved the Zpi riddle either.  Hmm...what could that be?